Sunday, September 6, 2009

Season 2 is Coming Soon!

Well, the season 2 master tapes for Jonathan Bird's Blue World have been delivered for closed captioning and they are now on the way to NETA for the satellite feed to the public television stations beginning Oct. 9, 2009! It's very exciting! It won't be long now before the show is airing across the USA!

We are now working on authoring the DVD set for the complete season 2. It should be ready well before Christmas and will be a two disk set. It will be provided in anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio to take advantage of HDTVs. At this point, there are no immediate plans for a Blu-ray set, even though it was shot in HD. That's because the licensing costs of Blu-ray are too high to justify a small press run.

In the meantime, I squeezed in a short trip to Florida to film the Goliath Grouper spawning event. Wow, those are some big big fish and Pierre and I filmed a wonderful segment.

Finally, some more big news....check out the all new BLUE WORLD website!!


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