Monday, May 25, 2009

Last shoot of season 2!

Christine, Tim and I just came back from Grand Cayman, where we completed the final shoot of Season 2 of Jonathan Bird's Blue World! The segment is about Stingray City and the research that Guy Harvey (famous marine artist and PhD in marine biology) has conducted into the habits of these animals. Stingray City is the name of a place where they have been feeding Southern Stingrays for many years, making them friendly. On a day when a cruise ship is in port, more than a thousand people go out to feed the stingrays. What effect does this have on the animals? How does it change their natural behavior? Well, you'll find out when the show airs! One of the best parts of this segment was getting to know Guy and his daughter Jessica. We spent a couple days diving, fishing and even relaxing on the beach with Guy and his family. It was great fun!

Later, we shot a segment at the Cayman Turtle Farm which will probably appear in season 3. This new facility (rebuilt after Hurricane Ivan in 2004) is quite impressive, and the turtles are so cute!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Blue World Team Goes to British Columbia

Things have been busy around here in the Blue World! As we reach the end of our season 2 filming, we are getting a little nuts. Pierre, Kerry, Linda and I just returned from a week shooting in Port Hardy, British Columbia, at the end of Vancouver Island. We went out for a segment on Giant Pacific Octopus, some shots of giant sun stars, and also the Pacific Wolf-eel. We didn't get enough decent material for the octopus segment, so that will have to wait until season 3. However, we got some great footage of the wolf eels and sun stars, so look for those in the release of season 2!