Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Season 3 filming begins in the Galapagos!

We have a lot of cool announcements coming in the next few weeks.  We are launching our new JBBW website, delivering the finished edits of the season 2 shows to our distributor, and starting a marketing effort on season 2.  But for this Blog entry, I want to tell you about the very first shoot of season 3--in the Galapagos.

I spent 2 weeks working in the Galapagos with Pierre and Julia on the first segments we are shooting for season 3.  Since we have already done segments on Whale sharks (coming out in season 2) and hammerheads (season 1) we are not making any segments on the subject which is the most common in the Galapagos.  Instead, we are doing a segment on sea lions and on marine iguanas.  (We also planned a segment on mola mola, but they didn't cooperate.)

We had a fantastic 12 days working from a nice live-aboard dive boat, spending 6 days at Wolf and Darwin Islands to film whale sharks and hammerheads (hey, I love those critters) then headed down south to the cold water to film the sea lions and marine iguanas.

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