Friday, November 14, 2008

The Blue World goes underground!

Hi Everyone, 
After being home for an entire week and a half, I packed my bags to head off on the next adventure of Jonathan Bird's Blue World.  Our Season 2 filming continued in the cenotes of Mexico!  Julia (line producer), Tim (cameraman and director) and I headed to Tulum, in the Riviera Maya of Mexico to spend 3 days diving in the cenotes and caverns of the Yucatan.  Although none of us are certified cave divers, we were lucky to have cave diving instructor Marco Wagner from H2O Pro Divers leading us through the cenotes, pointing out the exciting highlights.  We dove Grand Cenote, Car Wash, and Calavera several times and filmed some amazing things, from stalactites and stalagmites to haloclines (where fresh water and salt water meet, creating a psychedelic boundary layer).  As usual, we shot way more footage than we need for a segment.  Wait until you see this segment!  Wow, it's going to be amazing!  A big thanks goes out to the Riviera Maya Tourism Board for setting up the shoot and to Rick Allen/Nautilus Productions for the loan of a monstrous 200 watt underwater HID light.

We are planning a summer 2009 release of season 2, which will consist of at least 7 half-hour episodes.  Keep watching this Blog for more updates on the continuing adventures!


DarthAmphibious said...

I agree. The cenotes are quite spectacular. I wouln't dive 7 days in a row in the cenotes but they are a great complement to a dive trip to Cozumel. Two days of cenotes and 5 days of Coz...
Anyway, I cant wait to watch the new segment.

Adam said...

your shows the best Jonathan! I'm jealous you get to do this all day while I sit in my office waiting for a vacation to scuba somewhere! Thanks for the great work.